The Scrum Breakfast Club is the space for people who are passionate about being Agile… and getting their teams, companies, customers stakeholders and other partners to become and remain Agile!

Every month, we get together in a neutral space, to learn, share, solve problems and be Agile. Is that you? Would you like to be a part of that group? Then the Scrum Breakfast Club is for you!

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  • Agility is a Mindset and here is where we live the Agile Mindset (8/25/2016) - “We are uncovering better ways of doing what we do, by doing it and helping others to do the same.” — Peter Stevens, paraphrasing the Agile Manifesto We have always known that Agility is mindset. Steve Denning and the Learning Consortium have confirmed this. And you can check out “Peter’s 5-Question Assessment” on whether youread more
  • Latest improvements (5/30/2016) - Chris, Oli and Thomas have been hard at work improving the website. What have we accomplished? Improved the user experience from a phone or tablet. All User Interface is now “responsive”. You can see attendees for upcoming workshops (if you are logged in) — BTW update your photos in your profile! Membership handling is now (almost) fullyread more
  • Upgrading… (2/26/2016) - We will be upgrading how we handle memberships and payments in the next few days. Annual membership will now longer renew automatically. Instead, you will be invited to renew before your expiration date. You may receive some spurious messages, but your membership duration should remain unchanged. If you have any issues or questions, please dropread more
  • Troubles with the forum — fixed (2/10/2016) - If you have signed up on the web site, you may not have access to our forum at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience! We are investigating. This problem does not appear to affect people who are also members of a local chapter. I will post as soon as the problem is corrected!   Update: 13:25read more
  • We enable people and companies to become agile (1/5/2016) - We held our first Scrum Breakfast Club workshop in September, 2014. Today we have 4 chapters in 3 countries. I recently had a conversation with Pino and Godela, our chapters hosts in Milano and Bern. What has been the result of bringing passionate people together every month over a longer period of time? At least 5read more

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