How to explain the Scrum Breakfast Club

I am have been asked, what is the Scrum Breakfast Club? What do you do? How do you explain what makes it so special?

Microsoft Welcomes SBC Lisbon 1073x600I created a short presentation Introducing the Scrum Breakfast Club to answer this question. It a brief introduction to Open Space Technology and how we apply it at the Breakfast Club.

You will find out:

  • Why is the best part of a conference often the coffee breaks?
  • Why is a Scrum Breakfast Club workshop  like a coffee break?
  • How does Open Space Technology work?
  • How do you define sessions?
  • What is the law of two feet?
  • What are the roles of bumble bees and butterflies?
  • How do we break into sessions?
  • How do we share information?
  • What is the Scrum Breakfast Club?

You can download it here, and I would love your feedback! And if you really want find out, come to a workshop!