We enable people and companies to become agile

We held our first Scrum Breakfast Club workshop in September, 2014. Today we have 4 chapters in 3 countries. I recently had a conversation with Pino and Godela, our chapters hosts in Milano and Bern. What has been the result of bringing passionate people together every month over a longer period of time?

  1. At least 5 people people are now recognized by the Scrum Alliance as Certified Scrum Professionals, a sign of passion for and commitment to being Agile.
  2. Some members have used the workshops to strengthen customer relationships or collaboration with their stakeholders. Solving problems together in a safe space is an excellent way to build trust.
  3. Some members actually prepare for the workshops by self-study before hand. The workshops catalyze independent learning.
  4. And at least one company is now applying the patterns of the Club meetings back into their company. The Scrum Breakfast Club is a role model for becoming Agile in your organization!

It’s been an awesome year! I would like to thank our members for their passionate support and especially our Chapter Hosts, Pino Decandia, Godela Tönneis and just joining us Hugo Lourenco for their energy and support in this past year. High Fives to you!


Best wishes for 2016, and as the Scrum Masters would say, ‘WUFF!’