Why does it cost money to join the Scrum Breakfast Club?

Many user groups are free, many meet-ups are free. Why does it cost money to join a Scrum Breakfast Club chapter?

The first and most essential point: You are a member, not the product. Our goal is to enable regular peer-to-peer learning and networking experiences, so you learn what you need to know and meet who need to meet — when you need to!

If you (and we) want this to be sustainable, how do we do it?

Many social networks, like Facebook or Google+ offer free services in exchange for learning everything about you and profiting from that knowledge. Many so-called user groups are actually marketing events run by Agile consultancies. The Scrum Breakfast Club is neither!

The Scrum Breakfast Club and its Chapters exist to enable learning and networking among its members. SBC workshops are not marketing events and the club does not share or exploit your data for material gain. Learning and Networking is the value we bring to you. It costs real money and takes real time to make this happen. Your membership fees cover these costs.

How much does it cost? Your chapter host usually uses the following factors to determine the price. What is the cost of Scrum Training in your area. What is the cost of Agile coaching? How much does it cost to secure a quality, high energy venue, where anyone would be happy to participate and even bring their customers or stakeholders!

For example: in Milano, Certified Scrum Master training costs about €1’000 to €1’200 for a two-day course, which gives you 14 to 16 hours of training toward you advanced certifications (“SEUs”) . An hour of coaching with a Certified Scrum Coach (1 SEU) can easily cost around €300! Membership in Milano costs €495 per year, and entitles you to up to 40 SEUs.

Our goal is that membership in the Scrum Breakfast Club should be a bargain at twice the price!