Open Space Technology and the Scrum Breakfast Club

Open Space Technology is the basis of every Scrum Breakfast Club workshop — why? Simple! So you can talk to the right people, discuss your issues with other experts, and get the most value out of your time invested. We believe Open Space is the best way to achieve that goal.

Enabling great things to happen

Have you ever been to a conference, where the best part of the conference was the coffee breaks? On the one hand, the sessions themselves are often mind-numbing blasts of PowerPoint slides.

Open Space Workshops are Like the Best Coffee Breaks (c) Fotolia
Open Space Technology was inspired great by coffee breaks!

But the coffee breaks are magic! That’s when you get to talk to the people you need to need and want to meet.

What if the whole workshop was as valuable and enjoyable as the coffee breaks? That was the design goal of Open Space Technology and that is what each SBC workshop is: an awesome coffee break focused on cool topics.

So how does Open Space work?

  • Each workshop has a theme or question. Ask the right question, and the right people will come!
  • The first order of business is to figure out what we actually want to talk about. This is the marketplace. Your chapter host will facilitate the market place, but does not choose the topics.
  • The time is divided into sessions and we provide a number of stations with flip charts and such, so you can hold your sessions.
  • If you want to talk about something, lead a session or ask a question, make a card, tell the group, and select a free time-slot and station for your session. At the Scrum Breakfast Club, you can ask any question you like, even if it is off-topic.
  • After a little bit or horse trading on times and topics, we break into sessions and get to work.
  • During the sessions, the law of two feet applies. If you want to change sessions to find one where you get more value, you can… even if it means starting a new session next to the coffee machine!
  • At the end of the day, we come back together for the “evening news.” You and everyone else share your learnings for the day.

What do people say about our Scrum Breakfast Club workshops?

Here is sampling from the last workshop in Bern:

  • “Very valuable!” — Markus Lamprecht
  • “Exciting exchange with peers from other companies” — Thomas Berger
  • “I really enjoyed it!”
  • “Open Space is Cool! :-)”

Net Promoter Scores are typically +70 to +90% (on a -100% to +100% scale) — like Apple at its best! Join us, and prepare to be surprised!