This version was superseded on August 03, 2015 by Version v002. For memberships concluded before that date, this version remains valid until the next renewal.


The Scrum Breakfast Club a community of Scrum Users and Practitioners that serves to develop the know-how, skills and abilities of its members. The Club hosts regular learning events and plans to operate or cooperate on a larger online forum. Saat Network operates the club.

The Club creates a context where you can learn, develop your skills, deepen your knowledge, make connections, share experience, and qualify for advanced certifications. The Club does not certify individuals or companies. The Club is not an alternative or competition to any existing certification body.

Member’s rights

As a member of the Scrum Breakfast Club, you may participate in Scrum Breakfast Club Events for the published “Member’s rate”, which is often free, but always discounted compared to the regular cost of the event.

Member’s obligations

The main obligation is to “be nice” when participating in Club events or collaborating on the Club forum. As the Club develops, this may get spelled out in more detail.

The Club reserves the right to deny access to Club events and services (and hopes never to have to make use of this clause!). In particular, the number of attendees may be limited for certain events. Each member is responsible for the content they post on the forum.

Membership, Fees, Renewal and Cancellation

Memberships are for whole years and are renewable on the anniversary of your joining. You may cancel at any time. There are no refunds.

Memberships are offered to individuals and companies. A company membership costs the same as five individual memberships, but enables 20 people to join the forum and participate in Chapter events. The fees are set by Saat Network. Any changes take effect with your next renewal.

Memberships renew automatically. If you do not wish to renew, you may cancel within 30 days of receiving your invoice without fee, unless you attend a Scrum Breakfast Club Event as member during that time.


The Scrum Breakfast Club will only use your name and address (including email addresses, telephone numbers, skype or instant messaging ids, etc.) for the purposes of operating the Club. We may need to share data with third parties to conduct our business. Such third parties are responsible for the security of their operations. The Club cannot guarantee that third parties maintain the same level of privacy nor that data will remain in Switzerland. Typical cases for using third party providers include include processing credit card payments, running web services on third-party infrastructure, or storing data on cloud-based storage. We do not store credit card information on our servers. We will not use your name and address any other purpose, except to comply with legally binding requests from competent authorities.

Information that you publish on the forum may be visible on the Internet. Their can be no expectation of privacy for information published on the forum. You are responsible for the content you publish.


Saat may change these conditions at any time. Saat may add additional services or make other changes to the club to increase the value of club membership. Such changes to the offering may require you to accept additional terms and conditions. Unless you explicitly agree otherwise, you are bound by the terms and conditions than were in effect when you joined or the effective date of your most recent renewal.

Revision History

14-Sept-01 – v001 – Initial Version