Godela Tönneis, Chapter Host in Bern
Godela Tönneis, Chapter Host in Bern

Each Chapter of the Scrum Breakfast Club enables Scrum Professionals to learn, network and transform their world of work by creating a safe space to collaborate and solve real problems.

Our goal is to enable systematic peer-to-peer learning and networking around Scrum and the Agile Mindset  everywhere!

What does it take to start a Scrum Breakfast Club?

It’s easier than you think! It takes about 10 or 15 members (who are willing to pay for membership — here’s why) and a chapter host.

Want a Scrum Breakfast Club chapter near you?

Do you need a Scrum Breakfast Club chapter near you? Let us know and give us reason to start one in your neighbourhood!

Thinking about becoming a chapter host? Find out if it’s for you!