By joining the club, you agree to participate according to the conditions below. We have framed the conditions in the form of questions and answers for easy understanding and readability.

In the text below, “you” refers to a member or potential member of the Scrum Breakfast Club. “SBC,” “we” and “us” refer to the the Scrum Breakfast Club and Saat Network GmbH.


Q. Why does it cost money to join the Scrum Breakfast Club?
A. You are a member, not the product. The Scrum Breakfast Club and its Chapters exist to enable learning and networking among its members. SBC workshops are not marketing events and the club does not share or exploit your data for material gain. Learning and Networking is the value we bring to you. It costs real money and takes real time to make this happen. Your membership fees cover these costs.

Q. What kinds of memberships exist?
A. There are three possibilities:

  1. You can be a virtual member – virtual membership is free and enables you to participate in our online forum.
  2. You can be a chapter member – chapter membership enables you to participate in your chapter’s events for member conditions (usually for free).
  3. You can be a chapter host – being a chapter host enables you to set up a local chapter and charge for participation. A separate agreement defines the relationship between us and the chapter host.

Q. What about corporate memberships?
A. Companies can purchase chapter memberships for their staff. The company receives a discount code, which enables a certain number of people to sign-up or renew their memberships without additional payment. Employees of the company are expected to claim their membership within 30 days of receiving their discount codes.

Q. Are memberships transferable?
A. No. Memberships are personal and non-transferrable.

Q. What is expected of me as a member?
A. Be nice. Be polite. Don’t threaten or harm others. Don’t try to hack the system. We hope we don’t have to specify this answer in more detail.

Q. Can someone be excluded from the Club?
A. We reserve the right to do so for any reason, but hope we never have to make use of this clause.

Chapter Memberships

Q. What do you get when you join a chapter?
A. Each chapter is expected to organize at least 10 problem solving workshops per year. You get to attend these events for member’s conditions — usually this means for free, and in any case for more favorable terms than for non-members. By paying your dues, you enable the workshops to happen.

Q. How are the chapter dues set?
A. There is a local component and a global component of the chapter dues. The local component is set by the chapter host to based on the needs and conditions of his or her market.

Q. Can you visit other chapters workshops?
A. Yes. Chapters grant each other’s members guest access for the same conditions as their own. However, if you make excessive use of this privilege, you may be asked to join the other chapter.

Q.Can you bring a colleague to a workshop?
A. Yes! Please do! You may bring a guest to your chapter’s workshops. A guest may come once without charge. If a guest comes more than once, they must pay the non-member fee, or better, should become a member.

Q. What happens if a chapter closes?
A. We try to prevent that! If your chapter closes, you can transfer your membership to a nearby chapter or suspend your chapter membership until it can be reopened.

Q. What happens if you don’t want to come any more. Is there a refund for unused memberships?
A. You can cancel your membership at any time, but there are no refunds for unused memberships.

Use of your information

Q. What happens to information you publish on the Scrum Breakfast Club site?
A. Your content remains yours and your are responsible for your content. You license any information you publish on the SBC website under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. Examples include forum entries, event schedules or event registrations. We or anyone else can publish that information with attribution.

Q. What happens to private information you publish on the Scrum Breakfast Club site?
A. We do our best to keep private information private, but make no guarantees that we can do so. We do not handle financial information (e.g. credit card data is handled by the payment processor). We recommend using a social login or a strong, unique password for authentication.

Q. When will SBC contact you?
A. You receive notifications of club activity, like forum posts, upcoming events or registration confirmations. These notifications are on by default and are under your control. (As the system is under development, please let us know if you have problems configuring your notifications). Neither we, nor our chapter hosts may contact you for anything but genuine club business.

Q. Who is responsible for the content you publish on this website?
A. You are.

Q. Will SBC disclose private information to third parties?
A. We only use your private information for handling our business with you. We do not sell your private information or otherwise disclose your private information to third parties for marketing purposes. We do not publish advertising hosted by third parties. Some third parties provide necessary services, like web-hosting or operations so your information may be stored with them or otherwise available to them. If you use a social login, you can assume that the provider knows that you have logged into our service. We or our providers may be legally compelled to disclose information to competent legal authorities. We will only do so when we are legally required to do so. We have no control over the actions of third parties.

Q. May I register anonymously or with a fake name or address?
A. No, you may not. This is a club for real people.

Legal Stuff

Q. Who runs the Scrum Breakfast Club?
A. The Scrum Breakfast Club is run by Saat Network GmbH of Zug, Switzerland in cooperation with independent chapter hosts around the world. You can find more details about Saat Network here.

Q. What is the venue for disputes?
A. This agreement is governed by the law of Switzerland. Venue for any dispute is Zug, Switzerland.

Q. Do you limit your liability?
A. Of course we do! To the limits allowed by Swiss Law, in particular OR 100 and 101. We also have a disclaimer.

Q. Can this agreement be changed?
A. Yes, at any time. This is a work in progress. Some questions have not yet been asked, much less been answered. The club is also growing in functionality and new functions may require new terms. In general, we will ask for advice before posting changes to these terms, but reserve the right to change the conditions as we see fit. We will notify you of changes by posting to our blog.

Q. Which version of the Term and Conditions are valid for me?
A. Unless you explicitly agree otherwise, you are bound by the terms and conditions than were in effect when you joined or the effective date of your most recent renewal.


Revision History

v.002 – August 6, 2015

  • Reformulated in Q&A format.
  • Purpose of the club, why you pay to be a member, types of membership.
  • Privacy policy is explained more clearly
  • When you publish information, it is under a Creative Commons Attribution License, before it was just public domain.
  • Transferability of memberships is now defined.

v.001 – September 01, 2014 – Initial version