Imagine! An Agile health club…

… you join the club, come as often as you want, and there is an experienced trainer and experienced practitioners who are there to help you! You can improve your condition, improve you skills, and have fun while meeting new people who share your passion.

The Scrum Breakfast Club in Zurich is a safe space for people who are passionate about being Agile… and transforming their companies into more Agile places. Every month, we get together in a neutral location to learn, share, solve problems and be Agile together. Is that you? Would you like to be a part of that group? Then the Scrum Breakfast Club is for you!


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  • How to deal with the consequences of failing to deliver? (4/20/2017) - This turned out to be mostly a discussion about motivation. You can’t actively motivate people. You can only demotivate them. Or you can create conditions, where people can be motivated (i.e. motivate themselves). We suggested looking at Drive, by Daniel Pink (or is TED talk or the RSA video based on his book. Henrik Kniberg’sread more
  • How do you deal with teams that aren’t agile? (4/20/2017) - This is really, “What do you do with too many projects in parallel?” If your teams are agile, that is interdisciplinary and can deliver value to the customer at frequent intervals, then reacting to change is not difficult. As each project delivers, simply prioritize the next highest value project in that team’s backlog. If youread more
  • How much of psychologist is the Scrum Master? (4/20/2017) - If you command your teams to do Scrum, then conflict mediation will be an important skill. If they chose to do Scrum because they want to, there will be far fewer conflicts to mediate! We talked about the coaching stance. The coachee is assumed to be complete, healthy and knowledgeable. The coach does not tellread more
  • How do you build a cross-functional team? (4/20/2017) - What skills should be in your team? All the skills needed to get from “Idea” to “Done”. Organizations tend to be organized around functions or skill sets, e.g. a development team, a test team, and operations team etc. This usually causes dependencies: you can’t do this piece of work until that piece of work isread more
  • How do you get management buy in? (4/20/2017) - The first step is, you don’t. You create a zone of common sense to protect your team from the “war zone”. Not quite true. It’s useful to have support at least two levels up to help you when the first conflicts arise.

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The economical way to continue your Agile Education!

Official Scrum User Group
Official Scrum User Group

The Scrum Breakfast Club is recognized by the Scrum Alliance as an official user group, so your participation qualifies you for “Category A” Scrum Education Units (SEUs).

Two days of Agile training is usually CHF 1’600 or more and entitles you to 15 or 16 Scrum Education Units (SEUs). Working with a Certified Scrum Coach earns 1 SEU per hour, and each hour can cost CHF 400 or more!

A one-year membership to the Scrum Breakfast Club in Zurich entitles you to earn up to 40 SEUs per year for just CHF 545 + VAT.

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