Every month I host a practitioner’s problem solving workshop so you can deal with real challenges of being a Scrum Master or Scrum Product Owner. You exchange with other practitioners, get mentoring and coaching from me, and develop your Agile Mindset!

Our format is open space. So the topic is designed to attract the right people. People who can benefit by exchanging with each other and want to uncover better ways! Once your there, you can bring any topic or question you want, even it’s off-topic. This is a place to solve real world problems!

No Workshops

Normally we meet on the first Tuesday of the month. Our workshop in May will be held one week later than usual to make room for Reto Hartinger’s Conference on New Work and Organization Forms (“Neue Arbeits- und Organisationsformen”). I will be speaking about Personal Agility and Reto has agreed to give SBC Members a discount on registration. As soon as I get the registration link, I will let you know!

The June workshop is on Monday instead of Tuesday due to availability of the room.

What do participants say?

“Getting in touch with people sharing the same problems is always enlightening!”
— Nicolas Jene, For You and Your Customers
“Open Space & Brainstorming Sessions are great!”
— Miroslav Nikolic, Swisscom
“An inspiring Scrum refresher, grounded in real world challenges” — FB
“Interessanter Austausch von Personen aus der Praxis mit wertvollem Input von Peter”
— Stefan Meier, SPF Consulting

Official Scrum User Group

The Zurich Chapter is recognized by the Scrum Alliance as an official user group, so you can claim up to 40 Scrum Education Units (“SEUs”) towards your advanced qualification, the Certified Scrum Professional.