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Testing: As a manager or product owner, why should you care about engineering practices?

Bugs are evil.

In one month, a team can produce enough bugs to keep themselves busy for year. That’s right, 1’000 hours to write the code and up to 12’000 hours in development, QA and customer support to find and fix all the bugs.

Teams with poor engineering practices can spend 2/3rds of their capacity fixing production problems and the side effects of adding new features. That right, if they had no bugs, they could deliver three times as much value!

This month, I would like to try one of the suggestions from last month. We will use the  “Think Tank” format that was so successful for the ScrumDays in Portgual:

  • First, what could you do? Get an introduction to the topic from an expert.
  • Then, how can you apply it to your situation? Collaborative problem solving with your peers and the experts.

Code Dojo:
An Introduction to Pair Programming and Test Driven Development for Managers and Product Owners

As a developer whose wanted to get your manager or product owner interested in engineering practices, you should come with your manager to this workshop!

I will teach a code dojo (an interactive workshop) for managers, scrum masters and product owners on Test Driven Development and Pair Programming.  You will learn, see and experience:

  • What are pair programming and test driven development?
  • How do they work?
  • Why do they work?
  • Why should you care about engineering practices?

This is a separate workshop from our regular monthly workshop series with separate admission!


  • 13.00-13.30 Arrive, Coffee, Registration, Discussion
  • 13:30-14.30 Workshop lead by Peter Stevens
  • 14:30-15.00 Snacks and networking

Collaborative Workshop:
How to introduce, apply and improve modern engineering practices in your context?

This is our regular first-monday of the month Open Space Workshop with the usual framework:

  • 14.30-15.00 Arrive, Coffee, Registration, Discussion
  • 15.00 Open the Space. Welcome new members, review the patterns of Open Space, and share (and possibly celebrate!) any news
  • ca. 15.30-18.00 After a bit of horse-trading, uh session optimizations, we break into sessions. We currently have 3 stations plus “4 eyes”, a station for one-on-one discussions about a particular problem.
  • 18.00ish – we come back together as a group, and share what we have learned
  • 19.00 or so, we are done.

Every participant is entitled to a certificate of attendance, qualifying them for Category A SEUs from the Scrum Alliance


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